The Main Room

The main room contains Fiction – Contemporary, Historical, Crime, Romance, Thriller, Adventure, Humour, a dose of Classics, both old and modern, and the ‘new’ genres of Pre-teen and Young Adult. There is also a selection of Poetry, Drama, and literary books, as well as British History.

The Second Room

The second room has a section for Children’s books, and the odd Mills & Boon. The remainder contains Non-Fiction, ranging from the usual Cookery, Gardening, Arts and Crafts, and Reference, to a wide range of Mythology and Folk Lore, Theology, Reference, Fine Arts. There is also some Biography, Travel and Topography, and a small specialist collection on Photography.

The Cellar

The corridor contains European and World History, Astronomy, Archaeology, and academic textbooks; and the atmospheric cellar has a fine selection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance, together with a small section of American Adult Erotica.

Second Room

There are chairs, sofas and stools scattered throughout for a quiet sit-down, or just somewhere to rest with a cup of specialist tea, coffee or hot chocolate. And if feeling peckish, there are usually slices of cakes or tray-bakes to boost your sugar intake.

The whole intention of The Book Rest is to make one feel comfortable and relaxed whilst indulging your thirst for knowledge and love of reading. So, enjoy.