Entertainment for a Master - John Preston

Entertainment for a Master - John Preston

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First Edition paperback published by Cleis Press in August 2005 ISBN 9781573442152 with 200 pgs.

"Volunteers needed for a very private, very elegant S/M party for a discreet group of ladies and gentlemen to be held in San Francisco. Only the very willing and the experienced need apply. . ." And only a virtuoso of erotic fiction could build a spellbinding novel from the planning and preparation for an S/M party. In" Entertainment for a Master, "acclaimed author John Preston follows a skilled and respected dom as he interviews -- and personally inspects -- the men who respond to his unusual ad. Carl, a former Marine, will drop and give his master fifty, kissing his boots at each dip to the floor. Christopher, a bisexual bodybuilder, is so keen to submit that he writes his reply on his business letterhead. Glen and Phillip are long-term lovers eager to relinquish their agreed-on roles so that both of them can serve a worthy master. All of these applicants must be tested, and a larger cast of assistants trained, so that this unforgettable night does justice to its creator and his wicked imagination. And only when his dazzled guests leave does the party truly begin.

Category: Adult Erotica

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