In Search of a Master - John Preston

In Search of a Master - John Preston

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First Edition paperback published by Kensington Publishing in 2002. ISBN 9780758200914 with 195 pgs.

Young, virile, and hungering for something more than a stagnant New England mill town has to offer, Timothy is at a crossroads. He can work in the local lumberyard, his nightlife limited to fleeting clandestine encounters with strangers. Or he can earn more money than he ever dreamed possible. The price: the next three years of his life. Three years during which he will belong, body and soul to the highest bidder. Now, willingly enslaved by the enigmatic man known only as Montclair, Timothy is imprisoned on a lavish estate. Here, his harshest nightmares -- and most erotic dreams -- are about to become reality. Never looking back, Timothy plunges into a bizarre, seductive world where his master's wish is his command -- and where the ties that bind might just lead to true emancipation.

Category: Adult Erotica

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