The Love of a Master - John Preston

The Love of a Master - John Preston

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First Edition paperback published by Cleis Press in December 2005 ISBN 9781573442299 with 160 pgs.

There are good-looking, willing young men in every hidden corner of America -- men like Tim and Marc who know a worthy top when they see him. John Preston's powerful and darkly insightful classic" The Love of a Master" follows the Master's patient, deliberate, and wickedly inventive training of his two boyish but determined devotees as they release themselves to their submissive natures, to the "fear and anticipation" that come with true service. Will Tim step up on the slave block and give himself body and soul to the highest bidder? Will his friend Marc do the same or accept the Master's rare offer of a permanent -- if painful -- position in his home?

Category: Adult Erotica

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