Duke Richard of York - P A Johnson

Duke Richard of York - P A Johnson

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Published by the Oxford University Press. Reprint 1991. 270 pages.

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  • ISBN-13: 978-0198202684
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Hardcover, with laminated d/j; very fine condition.

The first biography of Richard, third Duke of York, examines the political opposition of a great landlord to Henry VI's regime. Active in the government of Lancastrian Normandy and twice lieutentant of Ireland where, on his second visit, he did much to consolidate the trend towards Irish autonomy, the major interest of his career lies in the increasing isolation of a once loyal subject. Suspect in the late 1440's, and more so after the great revolt of 1450, he was, in the following decade, driven into opposition despite two effective periods as Protector of England - here evaluated for the first time. Violence replaced politics at St Albans in 1455, and England collapsed into the Wars of the Roses. Following his unsuccessful claim to the throne in 1460, an event for which the author presents fresh evidence, duke Richard died in battle, leaving his son Edward the claim which brought the first Yorkist to the throne.

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